Dominion Care

Dominion Care is an organization of passionate mental health care providers that work across multiple locations in Virginia. They principally focus on autism care, behavioral therapy, and mental health care. As they say it, “Care Is What We Do!” 

Dominion came to us in October 2020 to improve their online presence, and we executed a variety of digital strategies to boost multiple service areas across different locations.

The main pillars of our plan included our Local Online Presence Package, SEO, and Paid Search with Google Ads.


                       Results Over 2 Years

200% Increase

In Google Searches & Views

29 First Page Rankings

Across 3 Locations

200% Increase In Visitors

To Key Website Pages

Local Online Presence

Dominion Care Map Listing

Google Profile Visibility – Richmond – 2020 

One of the most basic metrics of online success, and the foundation of Gig Strategic’s approach, is the visibility of our clients’ Google profiles. Let’s look at a benchmark year, 2020, for Dominion’s Richmond Headquarters:


Google Searches and Views 2020

Google Profile Visibility - Richmond - 2021

After a year of our full-scale approach, including business listing sync, SEO, and Google Ads, the results were dramatic. We also worked closely with Wabash & Lake Consulting, which provided many aspects of traditional media coverage, creating a rising tide on all fronts.

We drove nearly a 200% increase in both searches and views!


Searches and views 2021

Search Engine Optimization

Richmond & Fredericksburg

With our SEO package, we have worked to improve the natural rank of Dominion’s website in Google for specific keywords. This is not advertising. It is the infrastructure we build, through onsite and off-site efforts, that raises Dominion Care’s rank naturally. 

Throughout our time together, we raised and maintained an excellent swath of first page rankings, many of which were not even in the top 100 to begin with-

Dominion care keywords
keyword google search for dominion

Our SEO efforts drove 11 keywords to first-page rankings, with 8 even in the top 4. 

Norfolk Location

Norfolk Google Listing

We also executed an SEO plan for their Private Day School in Norfolk – Dominion Care Academy. We achieved a large number of #1 rankings in the local map pack, a difficult and coveted spot to snag. 


Norfolk SEO Keyword list
Map Pack Listing

      Google Ads

As a campaign area, we ran successful Google Ads campaigns for Dominion, attracting visitors from Google searches and driving more traffic to the website. These covered a wide variety of topics and keywords, including:

Autism Services 

Developmental Disability Services

Mental Health Services

Private Academies 

Recruiting Efforts

Google Ad Search Result

As campaigns were running for over 16 months, we produced a staggering amount of clicks to the website and conversions (phone calls and contact form fills).

A snapshot from November 2021 is included as a typical monthly average:

Good Ads Graph

About 69 conversions (phone calls) per month is excellent for a campaign of this size and budget, and at an average cost per call of only $33, it could easily produce a huge ROI given the lifetime value of a client.

Traffic Comparison – Private Day School Page

In one example, we can see the direct result of our campaigns in the number of visitors to the Private Day School Page. This is August–October 2021, compared to the same time the previous year. Nearly a 200% increase in visitors! 

Google ads chart

We can also see that Google Ads (cpc) and Google Organic (as a result of SEO and other factors), were the driving forces behind that increase.

Google ads chart

Overall, our 2 – year engagement with Dominion

Care has been a smashing uccess, and we have

achieved goals on all fronts:

  • Increasing Google Profile Visibility & Customer Action
  • Improving SEO Rankings
  • Driving Leads and Visitors With Google Ads