Helping businesses successfully compete in the digital economy.




What is Gig Strategic

The world today is more digitally connected than ever before.  In order for businesses to successfully compete, they must have a digital presence.  The economy today is driven by revenue generated from online activity.  Our mission is to help businesses successfully compete in the digital economy.

Our clients benefit from our unique experience and cutting edge solutions.  We help them from start to finish, from foundation to mountain top through establishing their presence, building their brand and amplifying their voice.  We are passionate about our clients’ success.

What is Gig Strategic

What We Do For Our Clients

Establishing Presence

Today’s business must begin with a digital end in mind.  From website development to listing distribution and reputation management it is essential that key components of your business are in place from the start.  Proper set up, tagging and benchmarking  gives you, the business owner, a clear understanding of where your business lives in the digital landscape.

Developing your brand

After the birth of your business on line, your brand must be developed, defined and distributed through your website to search engines and through social channels to your target audience.  Content development, search optimization and community management tells the story of who you are, how you are different from your competitors and why customers should choose your product or service.

Amplifying your voice

Once you have established presence and developed your brand, it is time to shout from the mountaintops.  This is where smart, targeted digital marketing drives converting traffic from chosen channels to your site, your phone, or your brick and mortar location.  With budgets determined and success metrics established growing revenue through paid channels is a must for long term success.

About Us

James Burton is a professional digital marketer.  He has worked with countless local businesses as well as several Fortune 500 companies to build successful digital marketing strategies.  He has personally managed millions of dollars of digital ad spend across multiple online channels.  We are passionate about bringing our experience and expertise to local businesses to help help you improve your online presence and grow your revenue.  We look forward to serving you!


Getting the Most Out of Online Business Directories

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The Birth of a Business Website

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Any business owner seeking website improvements and advertising results will be well served by James Burton’s broad knowledge base, technical know-how and genuine motivation to facilitate the growth of your business”

Sue A. Albrecht

Owner, Design Environs

“James has helped us take advantage of the online marketplace.  We have been able to dramatically grow and track our monthly lead volume through his digital marketing solutions.  I would highly recommend any business owner sit down with James to truly learn how to succeed online.”

Sean Castrina

Owner and CEO, Advantage Home Contracting

Need Consulting? Contact Us Now!

Located in Charlottesville, VA in beautiful Albemarle County, Gig Strategic is currently serving Central Virginia. We do offer services throughout the country, however our approach is a personal, look-you-in-the eye accountability that is often best served face to face.

We know how valuable time is to business owners.  Please let me know if you would like to schedule some time to learn more.  My personal goal is to make sure that at the very least, every business I meet with walks away better understanding digital marketing as a whole and how to establish an enhanced online presence for their business.