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About Us

Gig Strategic

We are dedicated to helping local business owners understand, manage, and benefit from their online presence. We know how hard it is to keep track of everything going on in the digital world. Business owners often face the challenges of not knowing where to start, and what to prioritize. 

We solve this problem. We help folks get up to speed with their online visibility, social media, SEO, websites, and digital advertising. Let us take everything digital off your plate, so you can focus on what you really enjoy about your business.

What We Do For Our Clients

Establishing Your Presence

Digital is now the ground floor. Setting up the key components of your business online is crucial from the start. This includes your website, listings in online directories, and review management, to name a few. As a business owner, you need a clear picture or where your business lives in the digital landscape. This is what we provide from Day 1.

Developing Your Brand

Branding isn’t a one-time logo project. It is a constant approach that underlines every part of your website, your presence, your communication, and your customer service.

In the digital world, branding techniques include content development, SEO, social media strategy, and more. Who are you, really? Why should customers choose your over competitors? Branding answers these questions and more. 

Amplifying Your Voice

You have the foundation. You have the brand. Now, it’s time to shout it from the mountaintops!

This is where smart, targeted digital advertising comes in to make sure 1,000s of your target customers are seeing your message. This can take many forms –  Google Search, Display, Video, Social Media, Connected TV, and more. Paid advertising is essential for growing long-term revenue.

Meet The Team

James Burton

James Burton


James Burton is a digital marketing fanatic, through and through. He has a true heart for Charlottesville and the local business economy. This fuels his passion to help local business owners understand and conquer the digital world. 

James started Gig Strategic in 2019 because he saw a need for a truly full-service digital marketing company, dedicated to helping local & regional businesses. With decades in Charlottesville, and years of digital know-how working with Fortune 100 companies, he was the perfect one for the job. Gig Strategic has grown exponentially since its founding, partnering with dozens of businesses around Charlottesville, Richmond, and even as far away as Vermont and Arizona. 

James graduated from the University of Virginia and is also a dedicated Caps hockey fan. Outside of work, some of his passions include spending time with his family and supporting local non-profits. Beyond helping business owners, his favorite part about Gig is building a strong team, helping them reach their career goals, and growing in success together. 

Wesley is a Charlottesville native with a passion for small business. Before Gig, Wesley attended Albemarle High School and then the University of Mary Washington.

As Gig’s Client Development Lead, Wesley fosters relationships with business owners locally and beyond. In addition, Wesley also helps with Gig’s social media! His favorite part of the job is helping business owners dreams come alive.

Outside of Gig, Wesley loves being active. Favorite activities include going to the gym, golf, and coaching soccer for both Albemarle and Skyline Elite.

Wesley Cheuk

Wesley Cheuk


Tiffany Harrell

Tiffany Harrell


Born and raised in Charlottesville Virginia, Tiffany joined Gig Strategic in late 2021. She oversees the daily operations of Gig Strategic, with a special focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Content & Graphic Creation, and Google Ads. Tiffany received her Associates from Piedmont Virginia Community College and then transferred to Liberty University where she received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration: Marketing. 

While attending Liberty, she traveled to Greece for 3 months to work with an anti-human trafficking organization. This experience showed her the importance of humanitarian work and how having a good marketing strategy can truly make a difference for an organization. 

Tiffany’s favorite part of working at Gig is helping relieve stress for small business owners. Creating an online presence can seem daunting and she wants to show them that it doesn’t have to be! Outside of work, Tiffany is passionate about photography, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

Collin is obsessed with scaling businesses with various marketing and sales strategies. He is from Charlottesville, Virginia and owns the @Charlottesville Instagram page.

Collin has been in the marketing space since he was 17 years old, and since has scaled multiple of his own businesses to 6-figures and even 7-figures in the online marketing space. He has also grown his personal brand to over 400,000 followers.

On his journey, he has worked with companies such as Raising Cane’s, Clickfunnels, Cardone Ventures, and many more.

Collin is always interested to speak on biohacking and scaling businesses.

He was a wrestling coach at Western Albermarle High School empowering young wrestlers to achieve their goals and learn life long lessons on and off the mat.

Collin Castrina

Collin Castrina


Kacie Veach

Kacie Veach


Kacie is our newest addition at Gig Strategic, joining our team at the beginning of 2024. As a previous small business owner herself, Kacie can personally relate to the challenges and obstacles faced daily to grow your business and ensure your digital strategy is at the forefront of your decisions. Kacie’s role as Office Manager is to oversee the hard work we are putting in for our clients to make sure we are on the right track for their digital marketing goals.You will also see her stepping out into the community for events, networking opportunities and seminars to facilitate our passion of building strong relationships with folks in our backyard. 

Kacie’s path has been diverse, with a degree in interior design from Radford University, a long stint in the construction industry in the Tidewater area, and a former international travel advisor at a leading travel agency. At the heart of every position she held was the longing to build relationships with people and provide them with a creative solution to their needs or desires.  

When she is not assisting with clients or our staff, you can find her taking care of her 8 chickens, her lovable dog and her sassy cat. She and her husband are active at their church and embrace the opportunity to make new friends. Both her love for people and attention to service make her a key asset to reaching our goals and keeping our values.