Search Engine Optimization (SEO) With Gig Strategic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services 

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a process we use in order to help improve the visibility of your business website (domain authority) and how high up your website shows when users search on the various search engines. The way the search engines choose which website to show is based on an algorithm. There are basically three parts to this process. Robots (aka crawlers, spiders) will:

  1. Crawl your website by “reading” the html code
  2. Index the page based on the tags and content on the page
  3. Rank your page using various measurements to determine the quality of your page relative to the user query

There are basically two ways that we can work on your website in order to improve the results of this process:


Managing Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One way we improve the “crawlability” of your website is through on-site optimizations. Ideally and ultimately your website should be built in a way that provides the best user experience. This means that the content is well organized, and your site is easy to navigate.

One way I like to describe this is with an example of a jewelry store. If all of the watches, necklaces, rings of all colors shapes and sizes were in the middle of the store in a big bin, how easy would if be to pick out what you are looking for? This is how we need to approach search engine optimization. We want to make it easy for the consumer, customer, prospect to find exactly what they are looking for. The better we do that, the higher we can rank on the search engines for our relevant keywords.

The other process is link building or offsite optimizations. This is where we work to make sure that relevant websites with high domain authority are pointing to our website. These can be like votes of trust in our business’s website and this can also be a ranking factor. We will work to to help you build an effective backlink profile.


Benefiting From Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is how do I know if I’m benefiting from this. Many business owners may have felt like they don’t understand what this is and if it is really working for them. The information above sheds light on what SEO really is and the work required to do it well. But, is it working? This is where we look at the data. Additional high quality traffic to your website is usually the best measurement of success. It is also important to see how certain tracked keywords are ranking. And for accountability, reporting of work done on and off of the site can help the business owner rest assured that they are not losing market share to a competitor and their online presence is being properly managed.