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The Backdrop

Greene County Tourism started with us in November  2021, with the goal of improving their footprint online to draw more visitors to the county’s attractions. Nestled in Central Virginia as the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive, Greene County has amazing options for recreation, hiking, history, wineries, breweries, and more. 


We launched a Google Ad Campaign for Greene County as a straightforward, effective way to get more visitors to their website!


Results Over 1 Year

44% Total Increase

In Website Traffic 

11,000+ Clicks

From Google Ads

700% Increase In Visitos

To Key Website Page

The Course Of Action

We have been running two ad campaigns for Greene County. One for ‘General Tourism’, hitting a broad swath of the east coast. And the other for ‘Day Trippers and Overnighters’, hitting just those within a day’s drive.


These are targeted Ads that appear in Google Search results when potential visitors search for our keywords:

Greene County Advertisiment about Discovering Skyline Drive

General Tourism Campaign

Map showcasing target ad areas.

With this campaign, we are able to specifically target the Mid-Atlantic, VA, MD, DC, PA area, with the goal of driving interest for people who are able to take a weekend or week-long trip to the Greene County area. 

Day Trippers & Overnighters

For this campaign we selected keywords that would help generate more traffic, such as:

 Weekend Getaways

 Day Trips From VA

 Day Trips From DC

 Weekend Getaway In Virginia

These keywords help our Ads get noticed by the right customers!

Customer Actions

Overall, the two campaigns we have running for Greene County Tourism have had great success, with rankings well above the tourism industry average and well below the monthly cost per click due to our campaign efforts!



Search Campaign

Here are the same numbers as above, just broken down a little more. We are very happy with the positive results we are seeing for Greene County Tourism.

Monthyl Averages



Website Visitors Year Over Year

Website Visitors

From the beginning of our relationship with Greene County Tourism to July 2022, they have skyrocketed in website traffic. With a 44.8% increase in users, a 42% increase in new users, a 41.8% increase in sessions, and a 27.8% increase in pageviews!

Included in our general digital strategy consulting is something called Listings. We made sure that all of Greene County’s listings were evenly distributed across the web! 

Here is how they are ranking:



listing score

Green County Tourism started with a listing score of 339, with the industry average being 379. After working with us, we were able to get their listing score up to 718! Well above the industry average.

We are very happy with Greene County Tourism’s overall growth, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them!