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The Backdrop

Lack’s Lawn Care & Landscaping began working with us in December 2021, with the goal of continuing to grow market share and increase leads. We launched our digital toolkit for Jack to do just that!



Results Over 1 Year

23% Increase

In Google Searches

8 First Page Rankings

From Our SEO Campaign

13 Leads Per Month

From Google Ads

The Plan

We launched our trademark strategy stack of Local Online Presence, SEO, and Google Advertising. 


Local Online Presence

 Take a look at the snapshot below to see their current rankings- 

Searches & Views 2022

 In the first three months of our engagement, we helped Jack’s profile garner 6,390 searches and 7,205 views.

Fast Forward – Q3 2022

Searches and views end of 2022

In less than a year, we have driven a 23% increase in searches due to our efforts and a 19% increase in views.

Search Engine Optimization

Jack’s Lawn Care & Landscaping needed keyword-rich website content and a solid backlink strategy to improve rankings. Here is a sample of some of the keywords we have been able to improve – 

Jack's SEO Results 2022

                                   Snapshot of #1 Organic Result:

Organic Keyword Search

Our SEO efforts have improved Jack’s rankings, leading to more leads, calls, and clients.

Google Ads

Prior to working with us, here is a snapshot of Jack’s Google Ad stats (Sept – Nov 2021).

Google Ads

Jump forward to Sept – Nov of 2022, after we revamped his Google Ads Strategy:


Google Ads 2

With our Google Ads Strategy, we increased Impressions by 27%, Clicks by 148%, and Conversions by a whopping 550%!

These conversions include phone calls and website form fills.

Overall, we have increased Google visibility, increased leads from Google Ads, and decreased the cost per lead for Jack’s Lawn Care and Landscaping.