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Stapleton Elder Law started with us in July of 2020. Their goal in working with us was to build an effective online presence through our specific marketing plan, which included local online presence, search engine optimization, and paid search.


Results over 2 Years

129% Increase

In Google Views

16 #1 Keyword Rankings

Lifted to page 1 of Google

41,000 Impressions In Google Ads

The Plan + SEO Results

We created a direct marketing strategy for them utilizing Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Ads, and Local online presence. Here is how we utilized our products to help them reach their goals.

Here is how their target Keywords are ranking due to our SEO efforts.

From the graphic below you can see that out of 18 totally keywords 16 of them are ranking #1 on the first page of google. With all 18 having been improved overall!

Stapleton Keywords

This is a great change from how they were doing before our SEO efforts. As you can see, none of their keywords had been ranking #1. Now they are mainly ranking highly on page 1.


Let’s take a look at how optimizing their keywords has greatly impacted their online presence.

Google Search Results

Stapleton Elder Law is now ranking #2 on the map due to our SEO efforts.



Tangible Results: Significant Increases in Searches and Views in 1 Year 

Searches & Views

In the first 3 months of utilizing our marketing strategy, from July to October, we were able to see large changes in searches and views. With Discovery being the main way they were located online and views being mainly impacted by Google Search but closely followed by Google Maps.


Fast forward to July through October of 2022:


Searches & Views 2

In 2022, we see that searches have increased by 68% and views have gone up by 129%. These are very promising numbers, and we look forward to watching Stapleton Elder Law continue to thrive.

Here is what we have been able to do for them through utilizing a Google Ads Paid Search campaign:


Google Ads Search  Campaign


We are very happy with the results we have been able to see happen for Stapleton Elder Law and look forward to continuing this partnership!