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Accountability with digital marketing is one of the biggest challenges that business owners face.

With all the requirements of running a business, marketing and advertising can easily be neglected. The business owner wants to be focused on meeting with and retaining customers. They are taking care of fulfilling services, managing staff and paying the bills. Where will they find the time to monitor their online presence and see how well their digital marketing is working for them?

One solution lies in accountability through partnerships and dashboards.

When a business owner has a trusted partner that can manage all aspects of their digital marketing, they can have peace of mind. They rest assured that their bases are covered in this respect. The trusted partner can also provide accountability to the business owner through sharing best practices and making recommendations. They can help by educating the client on what is happening and why they should be doing certain things.

Professional assistance gives the business owner the ability to effectively and efficiently launch and maintain a successful digital marketing campaign. Regular communication can help the business owner stay on track to accomplish their business goals.

It is important to be proactive as many aspects of digital marketing require vigilance.

For example:

  • consistent posting on social media channels
  • updating creative on display channels inviting new customers to check out your website
  • testing paid search copy to best convert traffic into leads
  • search engine optimization (SEO) to improve website ranking
  • and of course, monitoring your reviews and business listings so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Having a trusted partner providing these services gives the business owner the freedom to run their business.

The other part of the solution is in data visualization. A business owner must know their numbers! With the ability to connect data, it is easier than ever before for a business owner to get a snapshot of their online presence and the impact their digital marketing is having 24/7. Having access to a dashboard that consolidates data from all channels, shows trends, and performance helps to validate the work of the trusted partner.

I have been reading The Infinite Game, by Simon Sinek and was inspired to rethink the vision statement for Gig Strategic.

Our vision is to empower every business owner to best understand, manage and benefit from their online presence.

A big way we can do this is through being that trusted partner for our clients and providing transparent reporting through 24/7 data visualization in a dashboard.