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Does Google Ads deliver results? Contrary to the belief of some, they do! Google Ads can work wonders for businesses of any size if used correctly. However, some may believe that they don’t work because they’re not seeing immediate results in their numbers. Here, Gig Strategic goes over some common myths around Google Ads. If you need AdWords management services, reach out to us today!

Myth 1: Google Ads Traffic Doesn’t Convert 

Certainly, there are genuine reasons behind this situation. On a serious note, this issue holds merit, but with adept management, you can transform your paid search endeavors into a powerful engine for generating conversions.

One reason this could be happening is that you are overstuffing keywords into your content and abusing dynamic keyword insertion. The importance of relevant ads also cannot be overstated in Google Ads. It’s crucial that your keywords align with your ads, and your ads align with your landing page. Poor account structure can also lead to advertisers not seeing conversions. This may result from targeting overly broad, irrelevant, or low-quality score keywords.

Myth 2: PPC Doesn’t Matter if I Have SEO 

This assertion is incorrect for several reasons, primarily because numerous studies support the idea that paid search complements effective SEO efforts and enhances overall profitability. Organic search targeting new keywords can be time-consuming, with no guaranteed results. In contrast, PPC allows immediate targeting of new keywords, enabling quick assessment of their value and profitability.

Furthermore, various keyword types, each with distinct levels of intent, prompt diverse search behaviors. SEO excels in informational searches and top-funnel traffic. However, search queries with strong commercial intent often yield SERPs filled with ads, sometimes dominating the visible page space.

Myth 3: The Costs for Google Ads Don’t Pay Off 

Google Ads does involve expenses, and sometimes, inexperienced advertisers may misallocate their marketing budget, leading to doubts about the platform’s effectiveness. It’s crucial to recognize that all marketing channels incur costs; the key is assessing the return on investment (ROI). Instead of hastily dismissing Google Ads, advertisers should pinpoint the reasons for its high costs before deciding.

Below are some tips on how to make Google Ads more profitable:

  • Track KPIs

Numerous factors can escalate spending, like irrelevant clicks or automated bidding. Be vigilant, review KPIs, and monitor spending daily.

  • Learn the Ins and Outs

Invest time in learning about account structure, match types, negative keywords, and bidding strategies, and consider pursuing Google Ads certification for expertise.

  • Set a Budget 

Calculating budgets and bids can be time-consuming but avoid unnecessary complexity. Plan your campaign spending realistically and set daily budgets accordingly.

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