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The Trouble With New Year’s Resolutions

How often does this happen? We make New Year’s resolutions in January. We’re all pumped up to start a new routine and hit our goals. But by February, we find most of our resolutions have fallen to the wayside. Why is that?

Likely because we didn’t take the steps to make sure they were part of a balanced, attainable long term strategy. Many businesses are the same way—with marketing campaigns.

They produce some new content or start a new plan with high hopes. But if the initial go does not meet expectations, they stop or switch to another fad to get that “quick fix.” They’re hoping for immediate results, forgoing a holistic marketing strategy.

We often see fad marketing trends and reactionary spending shifts around the marketing channel-du-jour. This may result in occasional short-term success. However, it is risky and can negatively impact businesses down the road.

Our Approach – Holistic Marketing

At Gig Strategic, we adopt a holistic approach to digital marketing. We take our simplified strategy—“being there” and “being sticky”—and apply it to every marketing channel. From the foundational must-haves like local online presence, to the amplified advertising tactics of PPC and Display Ads.

Gig Strategic is the fitness trainer for online marketing for a local business. We look at the overall online health of a business, then put together tactics to help you monitor, maintain, and improve health. We help with accountability to make sure the business owner sticks with the plan. And we provide a 24/7 dashboard to monitor success. On a monthly basis, we provide reports and set up meetings to help the business stay on track.

This healthy approach results in a steady stream of consumer attention in your market. This builds your brand, brings new customers, and encourages loyalty and retention. Ultimately, it boosts profitability and longevity.

Attribution (And Carrots)

Lego bunny man with carrot.

Some businesses spend a lot of time and money on marketing attribution. They will explore various models to determine the specific impact of each marketing decision and dollar. Which specific keyword bid brought in the most traffic? Which social media ad brought the most clicks? Overall, there is nothing wrong with this. It can be informative to highlight the strongest and weakest channels.

However, this analysis can be expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet in marketing. There’s no one single keyword or social media strategy that, once found, you can completely focus on and abandon all else.

An analogy from the fitness world: There is no one specific exercise you can do, or superfood you can eat, that can ensure your health as a whole. You need a healthy balance of diet, exercise, and sleep. For example, over-attribution could be like trying to determine how eating carrots improves lung capacity. Why does that matter? If there is a benefit to eating carrots, eat carrots.

Or, even if we know that the bench press leads to better pecs, is that all we should focus on? Of course not. We need a balanced, whole-body exercise plan. Your business needs the same balance in a marketing plan. You don’t want your business ending up all pecs and skinny legs.

Build A Fitness Plan For Your Marketing

We know a healthy diet and exercise plan is best for our bodies. It doesn’t always prevent injury or eliminate ailments. But it does give the body the best chance for success.

At Gig Strategic, we can help build a balanced fitness plan for your local business. We provide holistic marketing strategies that focus on the current health of your business, your time and money, and your marketing goals. This way, we ensure long term health and prosperity. Read more about why a digital marketing strategy can work for you in 2021.

Drop us a line below to talk about building a long term success plan for your business!