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The Business Websites

A business website may be more important today than the actual physical location of the business. In the beginning when any business owner prepares to open its doors, many things will be considered in choosing and developing the right location.  It may be a location that a previous owner used.  It may be chosen to be on a main street or near the prospective clientele. 

Many things will determine the space itself.  Will it hold inventory? Will clients visit there?  Will there be a need for several workstations and space planning?  How much will it cost?  These questions and many more will be asked and answered as the business begins to take shape and prepare to open its doors to serve its community.

In much the same way and as soon as possible, the business owner must also begin to consider their website.  They must own this virtual real estate as well.  This site and its pages express to prospective clientele who you are, what you are selling, and how to do business with you.  This is where the public can learn more about your culture and personality.  It tells them what is important to you and why they should work with you instead of your competitors.  More about personality and culture will be developed in your social channels.  Primarily the website is the welcome sign that points prospects to your business.

A business website can be simple or complex.  Consist of one landing page or hundreds of product pages, blog posts and other user-friendly content.  Ultimately, it must be successful in helping attract prospective customers and drive them towards a conversion.  A conversion could be a phone call, a contact us form fill, an instore visit, or an online transaction.  The website that does this well wins.

In short, the website works for you, the business owner, and has a specific job to do.  So, some things to consider when “hiring” a business website:

  • Do you even have a website? Does it need a major overhaul or some minor tweaking in order to accomplish its predetermined objectives?
  • Is it user friendly, easy to navigate, formatted well across multiple screen sizes?
  • Does it provide easy-to-understand information about who you are and how to do business with you? (I’ve seen many sites where even finding the address or phone number requires some detective work and some where they simply don’t appear)
  • How do you stack up with your competitors? Is your market share growing or shrinking?
  • How about the big buzzword or three letters that few seem to understand, SEO? Are you set up for good search engine optimization with onsite and offsite techniques to improve your rankings?

If you haven’t done so yet, please get your Free Local Business Audit which will not only check your website but will also look at listings, reviews, reputation, social, SEO and advertising!  All of this in one interactive, informative and best of all FREE report!

If you need a new website, to remodel your current online version of yourself, or simply have questions about your site, please contact us today.